Is It Shabbos Yet?


Chanukah Miracle in Ukraine 

Oh Chanukah Oh Chanukah!

  An Orphan´s Odyssey of Hope

Bat Mitzvha of Anya, Natasha and Vlada

Vika and Andrei's tragic story 

Chanukah Show

Mannequin Challenge - Jewish University


Gifts sponsored by Todd Saunders in honor of the first family at the orphanage

Inauguration of the new girls home - Dom Sabrina 

Check out our home!

Famous singer "Avraham Fried" dropped by for a visit!

Sending up balloons of hope with the whole community on "Lag B'aomer".

At Or Avner - Chabad graduation 2016.

"First Bell" of Or Avner - Chabad 2016/7!