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  • Pesach In Odessa.Sponsor a set of new clothing or food for the Holiday.

    Redeem an orphan during the Holiday of redemption.

    Redeem an Orphan
  • The Odessa Pesach ExperienceJoin the "Rosh" Rabbi Ezra Schochet of Yeshiva Ohr Elchonon Chabad at the Seder table in Odessa, Ukraine.

    The world renowned scholar and speaker will be running the Seder at the historic "Londonskaya" Hotel.
    Reserve your seat today!
  • Chai 4 KidsJoin people like you around the world to save orphans and kids at risk in Ukraine for a small monthly donation. Donate Now
  • $50 ClubYou can make a real difference today.

    By joining the club for only $50, you can join together to save orphans in Ukraine, one at a time.

    Join Now!
  • Donate Your CAR Today!Donate your car today and help save children in Ukraine. Donate Now
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